Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dunham Massey

Since spring is in the air, we went to Dunham Massey for  awalk and it a great day. Children had some boot hunt. Sat near the stream and felt so refreshing after the walk.

Big Bang 2017

Big bang fair was happening in Bhx and a great opportuNity for 7-19 which is the largest award winning competition on Science, technology, Maths, Engineering (STEM).

Munnu is so keen to science. He was so passionate to go for this exciting interactive show. There was plenty of opportunities and munnu assembled a car and used it for racing, it works with salt water. Another chance for him to do some souldering to make a sensor which detects  light.

                   Theresu is exploring different things.

We all enjoyed and it was fabulous opportunity for children and adults with lots of hands on experiments. exploring opportunities and enginering geeks were there. Thomas family joined with us too.

Fencing competition

Fencing competition of four of clubs happened last weekend in Kings academy Warrington. Munnu's team got bronze medal.


On strove Tuesday with Eddy chettan at home.

                 Stations of the cross cards decorated using gravel.

On the fifth sunday of lent, children are doing some Lenten art.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Children had an opportunity to visit Play factore which is an indoor family entertainment arena under Chillfactore in Trafford and kids enjoyed most out of it. Fantastic experience.

         Theresu got lost in maze and in tears, soon cheered up seeing her siblings.

George was excited in inbuilt basketball area as he could kick ball freely which is his favourite at the moment and didn't want to come out without ball.

 There are big red frames, laser tags. play frames, go carts, zip wires and toddler area. Children really enjoyed in exciting network of tunnels.obstacles from giant balls to spider nets and rollers. It was  great,

Chitting in spring

This time of the year again started with chitting of potatoes to grow outside. 'Grow your own potatoes' project has donated the potatoes as part of encouraging schools/families to grow own potatoes. Chitting simply means encouraging the potatoes to sprout before planting so they have a head start.

It was a great success last year and had a good number of potatoes harvested. We are hoping the same this year too. Annu put potatoes in a dark place and now ready to transplant it out.

Spring is in the air.

Annu is 12

It was wonderful to think all the past years since Annu was born. Amazing ways He led us. Thank you Lord for oue specia daughter,

Annu wanted her friends Thomas family to celebrate the birthday.

Rainbow coloured jellly was made and vidya vibha brought some cupcakes.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Digital Story Trail

Digital story tellinh or trail is a potential tool to student stell their stories. There was a digital story trail happening on MMU.

First children did a mapping of a place in Hulme where they are familiarise with and can tell a story about it. Then they used AURASMAS the augmented reality to find how it works. Then some video stories of them were developed and using the QR code app and the treasure hunt app Actionhund , they could move around using trail and listen to the stories.

What I found out and inspired after this lesson was to create QR code and apply it in our geography project on South America and briliiant.

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