Monday, 9 October 2017

Witley Court

Witely court is one of the country houses during Victorian time which children visited recently as part of

English Heritage. One of the Englands's country house holding extravagant parties.

Witley court is now a spectacular ruins after a disastrous fire in 1937. One of the beautiful places to explore.

It was Nathan's birthday on next day and Theresu's feast day and cut birthday cake.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Music Lessons.

Currently staying in Jesus Youth centre as our kitchen is getting refurbished. Some of th emusically talented jy friends were there and volunteered to take some guitar and drum lessons. I learnt a bit too along with children. Feel so great.George was so adamant that he wouldn't let anyone to take his place. Looks like he enjoyed striking the drum and strumming the guitar.

Brodshall Garden & Victorian house

Broadsworth hall is a wonderful Victorian house with all the grandeur which comes with this era. Superb gardens with beautiful flowers and trees with sunken  garden and lawns. The flowers are changing with the season.The head garden certainly knows his job.The house was built in the 1860's, but became gradually more and more run down as money became tighter until in 1990 it was gifted to English Heritage. Whilst the structure of the building has been renovated .

We loved it and It was a spontaneous visit. Blessed with some glorious sunshine during the day.The gardens were the best bit because they were exceptionally beautiful and really well restored.

Probably the impressive of all English Heritage properties. Worth visit this beautiful place. This visit was a beautiful birthday gift to me too. We invited some of the jy to have some meal and cut the cake.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

A visit to York

 Since we are the members of  English Heritage, we thought it is high time to visit some places. York is one of the  places we are fascinated to visit as it is of historic city.There are many remains of Roman empire. We started with Holy Mass in St Wilfred church and to Shambles.
The Shambles is often called Europe's best preserved medieval street, surrounding maze of narrow, twisting lanes and alleys as well. The street itself is mentioned in the Domesday Book.The Shambles has the effect of a time machine, transporting you back to the Elizabethan period.The name "Shambles" comes from the Saxon "Fleshammels", which means, "the street of the butchers", for it was here that the city's butcher's market was located.

One building of note in The Shambles is the home of Margaret Clitherow. She was arrested in 1586 on the charge of harbouring Catholic priests. To make matters worse, she had regular Masses said in her house, and hid clergy vestments there. The authorities condemned her to death by pressing (crushing beneath a heavy weight). Margaret Clitherow was canonized in 1970, and her home is now a shrine.

Then to Clifford's Tower which is all that remains of York Castle. William the Conqueror built a wooden castle here in 1086,That building saw one of the most horrifying episodes in York's colourful history in 1190.
A mob of citizens rioted against the Jewish population of York, and 1190 of the Jews took refuge inside the castle. Many of the Jews committed suicide rather than allow themselves to be captured by the bloodthirsty mob outside, and more died when the building was set on fire. The remainder were slaughtered by the mob.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady

It was the Nativity feast of Our Lady and feasts of other Mary's at home.Great day for many who loves Mary the mother of God and the first birthday of our god child too. Children went out for a walk in our nearby park and did a decade of rosary. Once they came back we cut the cake and went for the JY prayer gathering and had a blessed day.

We rejoice that the Mother of God is our mother too. Let us often call upon the mother of God as the Cause of our Joy too which is one of the beautiful titles of Mary.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Foraging in our woods

Summer is nearly at its verge and getting into the time of autumn. Why not go and visit our 
orchard. Everyone got on their bikes along with Roshita. Firstly rode up till Sale water 
park,unfortunately Geo slept and plan got changed. Then reached orchard and jobychayan climbed some trees and got  some plums, apples, pear 
and picked  black berries too.

From there to Cemetry to visit the beautiful gardens and roam around inside the paths and said 
little prayers for our former parish priest. It was a blessed day and enjoyed  biking for nearly four 
to five miles.

Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle is an aristocratic 17th century retreat built by Cavendish family. This attraction is 
owned by English Heritage and this is our first visit to an English Heritage attractions as a member..

We had an interactive tour with multimedia provided by English Heritage.


 Some of the remainings  left are of Little castle , Riding house within the courtyard and the terrace range with banqueting halls and state rooms that would fit for royalty.

There is a fountain garden around the statue of venus and surrounded with different array of 
flowers. fanciful designs cut into turfs and filled with colourful gravels. There was a show 
happening outside tent for children along with parents and they enacted  Robinhood tale. It was a nice time and towards the end of the day we drove to our friend's house.

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