Thursday, 7 December 2017

Ninja Jump

Ninja jump was a good opportunity for children to have trampoling. This is happening in Trafford, Manchester. Georgu was enjoying with Theresu and Munnu. It was a long day out after spending some time in library. Annu didn't join with them, may be getting the rhythm of a teen.

             Different tricks by Georgu and Theresu.


St Nicholas feast

St Nicholas feast day was on 6th December. He lived in third century when he was a bishop. Many people were helped secretly through his generous ways. The time of advent when we are preparing for the Lord's birth. St Nicholas is a great example in sharing and helping others.

Children's shoes were filled with some candy canes, chocolate coins and everyone was gifted with some small presents like books, calculator, glitters and so on. We had one of our friend's child at home and all of us had a good day.

St Nicholas pray for us.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

National Tree Week

This week celebrates National Tree week. Trees are considered as the lungs of the earth.
What a better way is to plant some trees on this week ?

Our family went to Chorlton water park. Thought of doing some animal arts, collected autumn leaves. Annu and Theresu made the shape of lion using leaves, stones and twigs. Georgu had a journey trail tying some leaves to a stick. It was a fun day to play in our new park though it was piercing cold yesterday. One of the other homeschooling family was in the park for stroll.

Thinking to plant some trees towards this weekend to raise the awareness in children. Hope it helps.

Jobychayan's Birthday

Thank God for my wonderful Jobychayan for all the last 42 years in his life and all the dear ones.
We were with Thomas family and children baked marble cake.

On the day of his birthday, we were at our home and  everyone prepared card and gave some gifts. After Holy Mass ,One of our new friends were invited to have meal with us and it was a fabulous day. The funniest thing was georgu was so desperate to cut cake and he even took cake from kitchen and enjoyed cuttinng himself. Eventually cake was cut all of a hurry  for our little impatient Georgu.

Chorlton Book Festival week

Chorlton Book festival was on its way with lot of activities covering book characters, authors, history of Chorlton. Me along with Georgu and Theresu had  an opportunity to attend story time with some card making in library. Thersu made card for her appa on his birthday.

 Theresu decorated her card with some colours and was a great day.

Intu film

We had the opportunity to watch intu film this year. Children were keen to view cars 3 in3D. It was great to see everyone including George wearing glasses and enjoying the movie.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cake and Bake Show

What a great opportunity to watch  Great British bake off Candice Brown and enjoy the whole day in event city Manchester,with wide array of stalls with baking embellishments, baking tools, baking sessions, different foods, magazines.

  With Candice, Annu and me are really excited to meet her. Candice was preparing a chocolate forest gateau ,  amazing preparation and enjoyed her talks too.

      Another session by Salsae from bake off, showing various tips in baking.

               Display of fancy cakes from different bakers.

Children are decorating cupcakes using icing sugar and preparing a Christmas wreath.

Oetker company has got kids corner to decorate cupcakes using sprinkles and icing sugar

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