Saturday, 24 February 2018

Chair of St Peter

This feast reminds on the mission of teacher and pastor conferred by Christ on Peter. It falls on 22nd Feb.We celebrate the unity of the church founded upon Apostles and followed by the Magesterium of Roman pontiff.

Our Lord says to Peter '' You are the rock and I will build my church upon you....

I was at work after a long time and children made chair out of empty toilet roll and leaves, reminding the feast of Chair of St Peter. Great work to see once back from work.

                            Happy Feast of Chair of St Peter

Our lenten journey's

This is the second week of Lent and some of the traditions follows at home. Children are having a crown of thorns made out of dough and tooth picks, done by Annu. Every good deeds are encouraged and encourages them to take thorns out from of our Lord.

There is a lenten calendar coloured by Theresu and prayer, fasting and alms giving on daily basis is added in the calendar. 

In At gallery

Half term is up and some collage activities children took part in the Whitworth Art Gallery. Geo had fun adding water to the paint and doing lot of water paints, even the paper got ripped . Theresu and Annu did some colorings and drawings. Mich is very keen into his rub ix cube so he can't focus on anything else. 

My lenten art below

Theresu's rainbow. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Ash wednesday

There was a golden chance to visit the replica of Shroud of Turin in Salfored Bishop house on Ash wed. There was a lady who explained lots about it and was a unique experience on ash wednesday. 

Strove Tuesday

On Stove Tuesday, there was a prayer gathering in our house. Had some pancakes and made some pizzas.


It was the feast of presentation /Candlemas on 2nd Feb. As a family, we spent sometime reading about presentation of the Lord. Enjoyed the small meal with family., some wafer sticks reminding candles, pancakes which is special on this day.

Weather was so lovely, sun was bright. Candlemas is candle less days; So why not get out for a nature walk?

Joined for the Candlemas in the eve. Towards the end of the day, dropped in Manchester Uni Holy Name Church for Night Fever, Such a blessed day.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Feast of St John Bosco

Jan 31st is the feast day of St John Bosco and a lovely day to enjoy doing  trampoling, jokes, riddles as John Bosco was the patron saint of orphaned and wayward youths.He encouraged them and accompanied them in a different way and so many interesting things about him.

Children read the biography of him and prepared a few card tricks, clown, circus skills, balancing and I prepared some riddles.It was a fabulous day. Some of the coloring pages was done in the end.

St John Bosco pray for all the youth.

Harmony and Contrast

It was interesting to know about the balck and white contrast, creating the color harmony. 
The colors that are next o each other can work together and in harmony. Blue and green are in harmony.

The colors that are opposite in color wheel are contrast. For eg; orange and purple are in contrast.

Black and white can be used to show strong contrast. Not in color wheel, but they are neutral colors. Black is darkness and white is like light.

Until God created the heavens there was only the void, which was all black with nothing, like the black paper. Then God created light and heavens and earth.He gave light to the void like the white of the chalk .

Museum of Science and Industry

MOSI is having a lot of activities on robot and other science lesson. We went together and children had lots of fun and learning. There was a demo on the the intelligence between robot and human.
From there we moved to plane museum which have recently renovated with lots of new entertainments .Jobychayan and Munnu enjoyed the virtual reality aerospace bus, which I thought bit dangerous. However, it was enjoyable and bit adventurous  for them


Geo is enjoying lifting a big car using lever.

        Annu and Theresu are trying to solve a mathematical puzzle.

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