Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tours of Scotland

I It was a great and favourite holiday this year to visit Scotland. On the second day of our journey,  we went to National Museum of Scotland where you could have a glance of various things on transport, beginning of steam engine by Scottish engineer James Watt. There were Maglev trains, rockets, test your driving skills in formula 1 car stimulator and so on.

Big kids along with Ani climbed Arthur seat and was an exciting trip for them.

Outside Edinburgh Castle, which is the national icon, mighty fortress, defender of the nation , sanctuary and security for many of Scotland kings and Queens  many countless treasures like crown jewels are protected,  where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James 6. As children were not much keen for the castle and we were not tempted to go inside the castle. Absolutely love the view of castle .
It was Vidhya' s birthday and was a blessed day as Fr Sebastian our host celebrated HMass. 

After visiting Museum, we had Mac n went to Falkirk area which sits at the very heart of Scotland, midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow  .
Falkirk area has two main attractions,  Falkirk wheel was astonishing and it is the world's only rotating boat lift, breathtaking working sculpture which connects two canal also to other.Most fascinating thing for children was the water play park where big children all went in the walking water balloon, theresu n bennu  had the most fun, pedalling plenty in the water alone. 

Falkirk wheel is behind Annu in the picture 

View of different nountains from cruise in Loch Lomund which was a unique sighting and children were all enjoyed in the boat.

Kelpies was the another landmark which we went to see in Falkirk area. This is metallic sculpture made by a Scottish architect , which is like the head of two horses in which sculptor had the vision to follow the lineage of the heavy horse of industry in the area. Picnic with thomas family was fun and then moved to Helix park.

Two great friends Theresu and Ben..

Another landmark of attraction was Forth bridge, cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth.

Altogether it was a great trip and enjoyed the wonderful landscapes, Lochs, mountains and waters of Scotland.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Summer -Big Friendly Reading

As part of summer reading challenge  2016, this year libraries are conducting The Big Friendly Read and  celebrating 100 years of the world's favourite story teller Roald Dahl. Manchester libraries are involved with various splendiferous programme of summer activities based on Roald Dahl stories and characters.

Kids went for 'sublime science' today and many science experiments were demonstrated to the children and many of it could be done using various household items and great fun.This s Roald Dahl inspired science show and children were making snozzcumber slime, whizzpopper juice , air rockets and airzooka...

                                          Sublime Science

                Incredible inventions; Think wierd,think wacky and have a go at creating something beyond belief with this craft activities to stretch imagination.The idea is extracted from Roald Dahl's Willi Wonka's famous invention room with burbling machines and everlasting Gobstoppers.

   Roald Dahl studied in famous English public school named Repton where he and his friends were willing guinea pigs for famous chocolate making company Cadburys , sent newest Cadburys inventions to taste and share their thoughts about it. From there Roald Dahl's idea for Charlie and the  Chocolate factory was sown.

Thresu made a telescope using some triangular cones and very happy.

                      Munnu's invention and geo is banging on it.

Annu is working hard with her ideas.

Making stop motion movie as part of reading challenge. Children were encouraged to make Roald Dahl characters using modelling clay ... Annu made  Matilda and Munnu made Charlie.

Dunham Massey

Dunham  Massey is doing a lots of adventure, explorer and various other 50 things during the summer holidays for  children.

Making Circus poster using various stamps

                                 Making hobby Horse

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer- strawberry picking

In the end we went for fruit picking in Warrington though strawberry picking was nearly finished in Kenyon farm. Managed to get some and theresu seems happy and would like to pick some other fruits which were not ready either.

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