Thursday, 22 June 2017

Happy Birthday Geo

It was our little Geo's  happy birthday . geo turned two.He isextremely passionate about cars.We are just having a small party with our cousins .Thought of making a car cake and great idea to decorate inside our car. 

Cake done by Annu


Wednesday, 7 June 2017


It is the great feast day in church and the birthday of church. We had a small party at home, cut a birthday cake and had some fruits reminding the gifts of Holy Ghost.Tried to make a windsock with the gifts hanging in it. 

Chidren tried make a huge blow as Holy Sprirt came to the disciples.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

RSPB activities for children

As part of RSPB summer events, Chorlton water park was having lots of fun for children, includes making bird trap, making bugs, foraging, hunting for mini beasts using magnifying lens. Then children came together and find out what type of mini beast they obtained. It was great. Children had a lot of fun in pond dipping too, especially Geo likes to dig the pond with the net and enjoyed himself seeing the muddy bits. It was a good day with lots of sunshine too.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dunham Massey

Since spring is in the air, we went to Dunham Massey for  awalk and it a great day. Children had some boot hunt. Sat near the stream and felt so refreshing after the walk.

Big Bang 2017

Big bang fair was happening in Bhx and a great opportuNity for 7-19 which is the largest award winning competition on Science, technology, Maths, Engineering (STEM).

Munnu is so keen to science. He was so passionate to go for this exciting interactive show. There was plenty of opportunities and munnu assembled a car and used it for racing, it works with salt water. Another chance for him to do some souldering to make a sensor which detects  light.

                   Theresu is exploring different things.

We all enjoyed and it was fabulous opportunity for children and adults with lots of hands on experiments. exploring opportunities and enginering geeks were there. Thomas family joined with us too.

Fencing competition

Fencing competition of four of clubs happened last weekend in Kings academy Warrington. Munnu's team got bronze medal.


On strove Tuesday with Eddy chettan at home.

                 Stations of the cross cards decorated using gravel.

On the fifth sunday of lent, children are doing some Lenten art.

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