Friday, 11 August 2017

Summer Holidays 2017

Summer holidays is on its peak. We are off the regular homeschooling  and doing lots of  outdoor fun . Summer time is more laid back and doing more of their personal choice and exploring outside. Children's friends and our cousins came for holidays and enjoyed the days. Kids went for cycling, making den in our woods, going on go cart, climbing, arts and reading challenges in library.

Salford Quay looks so beautiful with full of buildings of media city;BBC studio,ITV , BBC theatre

                                    Enjoying the barbecue with our cousins

                             Cycling in our woods with Thomas family

Kayaking in Chorlton water park.

Children enjoyed kayaking and it was lot of fun dipping and jumping into water from kayaks.


                                        In Museum of Science and Industry
MOSI with lots activities in science experiment and we went to see steam engines and trains. children also got  opportunity  to see how the cotton  mill works ,at one point Manchester  was the heart of cotton industry.

Children are involved in some of the reading challenges in library too.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Dove Stone


Grow your own potatoes project

Harvesting time for potatoes is up. Grow your own potatoes is a project for primary aged children to grow potatoes.

This time potatoes were not sufficiently grown enough possiblev lack of water..

Animal Agent Summer Reading

This year libraries are holding summer reading challenge and is called Animal agents. As part of it,children went for some activities in library in making animal hats.

Feast Of Our Lady Of Carmel

On the day of feast of Our LADY of CARMEL.

Prepared some delicious caramel slice and home made nan. Children listened to the story of Our Lady and made some craft on scapula. Great day

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Pray For Us.

Science Day

Since the homeschooling was on the verge to finish this academic year, it was a good idea to wind up with some projects on science. Along with Thomas family, it was planned to do certain science experiments.

I got some printables from Great British Science Club. Annu did research on Solar energy,Munnu was keen on wind mill and Theresu on mini beasts and butterflies. T family did a wonderful project too. Some on Planets, sound ,magnets, plants .

Model of WindMill

              Vibha's Project onSound

              Annu;s model of solar oven

It was a fabulous time for all children including parents.  Annu prepared solar energy display boards along with solar cooker,; Munnu was keen on wind energy, made a wind turbine with a motor and LED bulb, though it ended up as a still model. Theresu enjoys doing something about mini beasts especially on butterflies and butterfly feeder. Thomas family did a fabulous work too. Ended up the day with some treats and snacks.

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