Friday, 6 January 2017

Twelve days of Christmas

The party must go on. The modern tendency to start Christmas early. However, Christmas is not over, like Easter the Christmas will go on for the next twelve days which ends with Epiphany.
This year we  celebrated twelfth day of Christmas or called Epiphany which means ' manifestation'- we celebrate the day which Our Lord was shown to a wider public, and in particular  wise men from a far country came to worship Him.

The feast of Christmas or Christmastide goes on. we don't keep  by putting trees out..The celebration of the Lord's nativity cannot  disposed of in a singe day. Ideally we shouldn't give up on Christmas until Candlemas on February 2 according to tradition (Advent to Epiphany book by Vincent Ryan OSB).

In Britian it's old name is twelfth Night and tradition to take decors down. Shakespeare wrote play in honour of twelfth Night. The keynote of the feast is joy and fun; Christ is with us,...He is among men, A child who is to become our Savior.

One of the other element in this feast is the guiding star which led wise men to Bethlehem and star as a symbol of faith..reward of faith is face to face vision of God.

''On this day, Lord God
by a guiding star you revealed your  only begotten son
to all peoples of the world.
Lead us from the faith by which we know you now
to the vision of your glory, face to face''.

The above prayer represents our own life as a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage of faith. We are the Magi, Faith is our guiding star.Bethlehem is our goal.

The traditional way is to get house blessed by using the chalk blessed day before.
This is the climax of Christmas and a day for a party and make the enthusiasm for this day infectious.

Today we went for Holy Mass and then It was a great chance to do Carols in St Joseph Home with Seymour family. There were lot of songs especially children sang ''We three kings of orient ...and  On the first day of Christmas my true love send to me....'' Annu and Munnu played in piano and was great. Theresu was so keen in singing Twelve days but gave up once reached home.

There was some feasting at home once we reached home . Annu and Theresu helped with preparing different dishes with 'twelve days of Christmas song'...Prepared pear for the first day , two turtle doves, three french hens with ...four calling birds with ... five gold rings with onion rings, 6 geese are laying with some eggs, seven swans are swimming...and go on...

'Twelve days of Christmas song came in Elizabethan period when faith was prohibited to practise with a hidden catechism...

In the front is Galette des rois which is a traditional french cake  for Epiphany and a small token was hid for who to be the king in our family. It was so fun and none of us got it and Geo didn;t want to try as he is not having much food these days and finally came to realise Geokuttan's piece got the token. Whoever recieves the token will be preparing the epiphany cake and wear the crown next year

Children dressed up as wise men and our wise men nearly reached baby Jesus as we were moving wise men a little steps closer to Him every day. Also reminds us Christina Rossetti's nice Epiphany song...In the bleak mid winter.....

If you're keen you can can make twelve days of Christmas lapbook and have a look at shower of roses blog.

Moreover today we have baptism day of both Munnu and Geo in our family. Later tonight with the blessed chalk Jobychayan did Epiphany blessing on the door lintel.

'' When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. And going into the house, they saw baby  and  Mary the mother. They worshiped Him and offered gifts'' Mathew 2

Friday, 30 December 2016


'The word was made flesh. At the heart of our Christmas celebration lies the mystery of the incarnation. It is not just the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem which is commemorated, nor the events, it is rather the mystery of God became man.

We had a wonderful Christmas eve and day with Thomas family. Christmas vigil was attended and the children could serve as altar servers. Ani and family reached in the night and then on Christmas day children prepared the table with Christingle , crackers and Christ candle.

Cupcakes and cakes by Vidya and Vibha

 Since for the first time I took a risk to make mince pies and fruit cakes. Some of the special menus were pig in a blanket, red braised cabbage, Christmas punch, roast etc.


Children unwrapped their Christmas gifts and following meal , just went for a stroll with both families to visit some of our neighbours and gave cards and gifts. It was great .

This time of Christmas children were preparing Babushka a nativity play which is a Russian legend. After lunch, play performed with the costumes and did carol songs too.

                MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL


As part of advent, this year as a family tradition we have been using advent wreath with candles and children were taking turns fairly to light the candles.

We had our advent calendar and children could do some sort of actions to prepare themselves to receive Lord.

Since 'advent' means waiting /coming, Jesse tree was made to remind the word'' Jesus comes from the branch of Jesse' and children used various colorings and hang it on the branchess sta rting from bottom beginning with creation. Some of the ornaments were stuck onto gold coins so that children can have some fun too.

Children were given some doodling christmas coloring book with envelopes and it was an adventourous activity since it got lots to color. Many cards were sent to their grandparents too.

During the feast of St Nicholas , children were given some gifts along with gold coins with a letter guiding them how to lead to Christmas. 

We began the 'O Antiphons'  on 17th Dec, with a small reflection  with childtren going through various titles beginning with 'Sepentia', 'Adonai', 'root of Jesse', 'rising sun', key of David, Emmanuel  and it comes together 'EROCRAS'.

Another nice thing was advent basket with wrapped christmas books which was a great fun for Theresu to open and read along with Georgu.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

feast of St Nicholas

It was the feast of St NIcholas on De c 6th. This year children were left with golden coins and candy canes in stockings which were left in fire place just rminding how St Nicholas was generous and kind.I gave got a little time early morning to prepare the stuffs. Children had some gifts wrapped up and a letter from St Nicholas stating how can they prepare for the nativity f the Lord.

In the evening , story of St Nicholas was read out for children and Annu and Theresu made some desert. I would love to help some eone and our good Lord brought someone to our house and was fed.

St Nicholas pray for us. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Into film festival

One of the world's largest free film and education event for young people. There are lots of curriculum linked resources available to support young people and engage in the magic of film and making movies.

This year we got the chance to watch three movies; 'Matilda , BFG' which are both based on Roald Dahl stories and we were reading and listening the audio as part of Roald Dahl'e anniversary.
Third one was 'Bednob and broomstick' and Thomas family joined with us too in cinevue, Altrincham.

Jobychayan's birthday

It was a great day for whole famiy. Annu made a carrot cake and decorated and munu made a cup of tea , along with Theresu's cards, everyone got a new idea to wish and cut cake in the morning itself,So I couldnt take any snap in the morning, Talked to daddy n mummy/

Munnu wrote a beautiful letter for appa as it was jobychayan's wish to have a letter on his birthday instead of card.So I made an attempt to wrote a poem. We could go for H Mass in the eve. Thank Lord for such a wonderful blessing of jobychayan to me and children. 

fencing competition

Munnu has got opportunity to go for fencing competition along  with four of club and won third prize his team. It was held in Kings academy in Warrington.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Ginger bread cookies

Annu wanted to bake her own cookies and she put whole heart  in it to prepare and to give it to her friends. She took a cooking book from library to refer.

 Annu decorated it very beautifully with her own prepared icing and was yummy. Bravo to Annu for all hard work.

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